The Virtual Hangover – DWI – Dreaming While Intoxicated

Before I begin, let me state emphatically that I am not a drinker nor do I take drugs stronger than those prescribed by my doctor.

I have some of the most amazing dreams.  Always have and hope that I always will.  My dreams have spanned the gamut of totally insane, to solving every day dilemmas, to humorous, etc.  There are also many dreams that involve my friends and family that have passed on.  There are some days where I can remember my dreams more than others.  I have found that if I stop and reflect on my dreams immediately upon waking in the morning, the dream and its rich details are often cemented in my memory.

The Plane of Dreams

Our dreams lie of a vast plane in our minds and triggered by our senses as we sleep.

Several nights ago, my dreams had a much stronger side effect.  In my dream, I was back in college sitting in an English Lit class, I believe.  I was sitting in the back of the room, when for some reason, I chose to move to a different seat.  The seat I chose was next to two very handsome but troubled young men.  After I sat down, the man in the desk right in front of me asked me to hand him the bag of beer sitting beneath my desk.  I reached down and picked up the plastic grocery bag that contained about four glass bottles of some type of beer.

When I handed my classmate the bag of beer, he turned around and offered me a joint.  It was a tightly rolled cigarette looking object but filled with pot.  I strongly refused multiple times but I was thinking how interesting it would be to smoke it just to see the effects.  The man kept offering and I kept refusing thinking that he was probably a cop and I would get arrested.  He then offered a beer, which I accepted.  We toasted to some strange thing pertaining to English Literature and the dream ended.

The life of a traveler can be found on "cloud nine".  I just wish someone would tell me how to get there.  I keep getting lost.

The life of a traveler can be found on “cloud nine”.  I just wish someone would tell me how to get there. I keep getting lost.

The next thing I remember is my alarm going off. I rolled over to turn it off.  I lay in the bed thinking about my dream and realized how awful I felt.  My head felt like there was a war going on inside and my stomach was wrenching.  It has been over ten years since I had a hangover, but I swear this is exactly like what it felt like.

Is it possible to have a dream so realistic that it can cause physical side effects like hangover symptoms?  I am not sure what the scientific answer is, but on that particular morning I came to believe that it was possible that I had indeed experienced a virtual hangover that was the result of dreaming while intoxicated.  Go figure.